i wish to be a part of WORLDOFDANCE as a successfull dancer
i wish to meet taylor lautner, and wish i could be a part of twilight!
i wish to make a difference
i wish i wrote the twilight saga

i wish to live in a love story

i dream about a wedding like this

i dream about being different, and i know i am

i dream about being a talented singer, like Chris brown and Frank ocean

i want to master all dance types!

i want to have a fit and flexible dance body

i dream about inventing my own dance moves

i wish to be healthier

i wish to be a fashionista

 i wish to have better skills at art and drawing
i wish i could play the guitar and piano professionaly
i wish to go to the US.
shortly said, i wish a futute full of, music, dance laughter, traveling, joy, dreams, hope and LOVE!

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